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The Department of Pharmacology came to existence in the month of April 2004 much before the 1st batch started their 2nd year Para clinical subjects. The department consists of two well planned spacious laboratories for Experimental Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology with facility for practical work for hundred undergraduate students each. Both the laboratories are well equipped, as per MCI norms.

The department is having three spacious demo rooms with capacity of eighty each to accommodate the students for the small group discussion, doubt clarification and assignments for the Undergraduate students.

The department is fully equipped with instruments for practical, demonstrations for U.G, and P.G Pharmacology students

Museum in the Department is very spacious and provided with :

  1. Drug samples - 500
  2. Laminated Photographs - 47
  3. Laminated Boards - 52
  4. Crude drug samples - 50
  5. History of Medicine
  6. Specimen of Medicinal Plants

The department is having a Research laboratory for the postgraduate students and faculty members to carry out animal experiments and is furnished with adequate instruments and infrastructures.

Central Research laboratory (CRL) has been established in Pharmacology department with adequate advanced instruments for intradepartmental, inter-departmental and collaborative researches.

The department is recognized for an annual intake of three post graduate (MD Pharmacology) students. Three batches of Post graduate students have successfully completed their post graduation. It is a recognized PhD center.

The departmental library cum seminar room is spacious to accommodate 20 participants at a time. There are 150 books in the library.

The Central Animal House with facility for animal experimentation, Operation Theatre is under the control of Department of Pharmacology. It is already registered with an independent Animal Ethics Committee.

Well trained qualified faculty members have remained an asset for the department. They attend CME, workshop and conferences to keep themselves up-to-date. The learning and teaching experience for students and teachers been outstanding.

Facilities available :

  1. Lecture Gallery
  2. Demo Rooms -3
  3. Students Practical Hall - 2
  4. Research laboratory
  5. Staff Rooms
  6. Sectional Library
  7. Research laboratory
  8. Central research laboratory (CRL)

Equipments for Research laboratory :

  1. Spectrophotometer
  2. Calorimeter
  3. Analgesiometer
  4. Eddy's Hot plate
  5. Electro-convulsiometer
  6. Photo-actometer
  7. Rota rod
  8. Plethysmograph
  9. Y maze
  10. Elevated plus maze
  11. Hebb willium's maze
  12. Cooke's pole climbing apparatus
  13. Physiograph
  14. Swimming test apparatus
  15. Flicker fusion apparatus
  16. Hand steady meter
  17. Multiple response meter
  18. PH meter
  19. Histamine chamber
  20. Mammalian hear perfusion assembly
  21. Two unit isolated organ bath and Cook's pole climbing apparatus.
  22. Research Kymograph with accessories
  23. High speed research Kymograph with ventilator

Equipments for Central Research Lab :

  1. Centrifuge
  2. Calorimeter
  3. Electrophoresis Tank - Vertical
  4. Electrophoresis power pack
  5. Incubator shaker
  6. PH Meter
  7. Magnetic stirrer with hot plate
  8. Microscope
  9. Spectrophotometer meter
  10. Hot air oven
  11. Water bath
  12. Micropipettes fixed volume
  13. Micropipettes variable volume
  14. Vortex mixture
  15. Binocular microscope
  16. Distilled water plant
  17. Refrigerator
  18. Computer with printer
  19. HPLC
  20. Helena Digital Electrophoresis
  21. Thermo cycler (PCR)

The University results for Pharmacology in second MBBS examination have remained constantly excellent.(> 95% pass rate) from the date of inception. The students of this department have bagged the highest mark in the university in many occasions. The post graduate result has also been excellent.

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