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The Department of Microbiology with a dual responsibility of patient care and student training is situated at two locations.

Service Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology was started in October 2003 and is currently located in 1st floor of NRI General Hospital . It is actively taking part in patient care by carrying out diagnostic investigations in Bacteriology, Mycology, Virology, Parasitology, Serology and Immunology. Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center (VCTC) for HIV-AIDS located in the Ground Floor attached to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department is under the control of our Department. In addition, the laboratory is also carrying out periodic Examination of Water Samples for Bacterial Contamination from different sources of water used for drinking from surrounding villages to assess the safety.

The Clinical Microbiology Service Laboratory is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL) as per the ISO 15189:2012 guidelines for the Serology Services provided. The Service Laboratory performs more than 300 investigations per day.

Department of Microbiology for training of students was started in April 2004 and is located in a spacious area in the 2nd floor of NRI Medical College. It imparts training to Undergraduate Medical students (MBBS), Postgraduate Medical Students (M.D, Microbiology & other PG students on compulsory posting from other departments) and students of Paramedical courses like Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Blood Bank Technology, etc.

The department has the necessary infrastructure facilities to perform its responsibilities and day to day activities. A well Designed Museum with Charts and Specimens is available for the students to enrich their knowledge.

Diagnostic and teaching activities of the department are performed by competent and committed faculty including Teaching, Technical and Non-Technical Staff.


  • Lecture Gallery
  • Demo Rooms -3
  • Students Practical Hall
  • Research Room
  • Museum
  • Staff Rooms
  • Sectional LIbrary
  • Post Graduate Practical Hall

Facilities at Service laboratory of Clinical Microbiology :

  • Bacteriology Section
  • Serology & Immunology Section
  • Parasitology Section
  • Tuberculosis Section - Microscopy & Cultures
  • Mycology & Virology Sections
  • Sterilization & Media Preparation
  • Demo room for paramedical Students.

Diagnostic Work performed by the Clinical Microbiology Service Laboratory :

  • Microscopy
    • Stainings like Gram's Stain, ZN Stain, Modified ZN Stain, Albert's Stain, negative staining.
    • Wet Mount Preparations - KOH Mount, Stool Examination, Hanging Drop Method, dark ground microscopy for leptospira.
  • Bacterial Cultures, TB Cultures & Fungal Cultures
  • Antibiotic Sensitivity Tests - Both Disk Diffusion & Automated MIC Detection
  • Parasitology Studies
  • Viral Marker Studies - HIV & AIDS Serology
  • Serological Tests
  • Immunological Tests
  • Microbiological Analysis of Water Samples
  • Surveillance of High Risk Areas like Operation Theatres, ICUs, Haemodialysis Unit
  • General Surveillance of CSSD, Laundry, Kitchen, Wards, etc.
  • Screening of Health Care Workers for Carrier Status & Immune Status
  • Research Projects

Equipments Present At Clinical Microbiology Service Laboratory :

  • Automated Immunoanalyser - Vitros EciQ - Johnson & Johnson
  • Automated Immunoanalyser - VIDASPC - Biomerieux
  • Automated Blood Culture System - BacT/Alert 3D60 - Biomerieux
  • Automated ID & AST System - VITEK 2 Compact - Biomerieux
  • Cold Room - Blue Star
  • All other equipment for carrying out Diagnostic Work are available.