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Forensic Medicine

"Forensic" is a Latin Word which means "The forum Seeking", Forum is a group of people i.e. "Jury" Seeking for Medical evidence.

Forensic Medicine includes - Medical Ethics & Etiquettes, Forensic traumatology, Identification, Forensic radiology and Estimation of age, Sexual offences, Thanatology & Postmortem examination, Forensic psychiatry and Toxicology.

Forensic Medicine is an integrated approach of all subjects of modern medicine to aid in the administration of justice.

The department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology trains both undergraduate and postgraduate students in legal aspects of medical practice including medical ethics, trauma and associated legal issue, poisonings: identification and management and examination of sexual offences cases.

The students are exposed to ethical and legal issues right from their second year of MBBS so that they learn medical aspects and also the legal aspects associated with patient care, identifications, postmortem examinations and issuing of various medicolegal reports.

The department also provides training in medicolegal issues in health care to MBA hospital administration students and also to students of surrounding dental colleges.

The department actively participates in highlighting the various changes in laws applicable to medical profession and their implications and also new laws to keep the doctors upto date regarding their legal responsibilities.

The department is well equipped with a research lab and full fledged mortuary with 4 chamber cold storage and also a mobile cold storage chamber.

The department also trains and updates the Casualty medical officers in dealing with medicolegal cases.

We are awaiting permission from the Government to conduct medicolegal autopsies.


  1. Lecture Gallery
  2. Demonstration Rooms -3
  3. Students Practical Hall
  4. Research Room
  5. Museum
  6. Staff Rooms
  7. Sectional Library
  8. Post Graduate Practical Hall


Besides the main books and journal in the main library, the departmental library has updated journals and books for both undergraduate and postgraduate students where the facilities are used by the students regularly.


The department boasts of an excellent museum having various specimens in the following categories:

  • Total Wax modals:- 13
  • Total Mounted Specimens:- 90
  • Total Unmounted Specimens:- 320
  • Total Weapons& Fractures Skull:- 95
  • Total Firearms:- 7
  • Total Poisons:- 101
  • Total Charts, X rays and Photographs:- 150
  • Total Charts:- 101
  • Total Slides:- 10


Besides regular teaching to undergraduate and postgraduate students, the department host regular seminars, actively conducts CME's and the departmental faculty also give guest lectures in various CME's outside the institute also. The department is actively pursuing to develop OSPE and OSCE stations which will help the upcoming doctors in their future careers.