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Our department started functioning; to begin with, with the investigations for the patients of NRIGH in the month of July 2003 and in addition, teaching of I batch of III semester medical students and paramedics from 8-12-2004. As on today 9 regular batches of students passed out Pathology and left the department.


THE INFRASTRUCTURE is provided in the college as per MCI norms; that include An A/C lecture gallery of 200 student capacity equipped for power point presentation and other audiovisual aids.

  1. Two well equipped practical halls of 100 student capacity each; one for clinical pathology exercises and the other for histopathology practical.
  2. Four demonstration rooms of 75 student capacity each.
  3. There are 3 service labs for histopathology, cytology and hematology of 30 sq.mts each, in the college.
  4. Pathology museum with 300 mounted specimens & with concerned manuals for the utility of students of Pathology, Gynaecology, Surgery and for other medicos.
  5. Well ventilated Staff rooms for teaching and non teaching staff as well as for PGs are available.
  6. Two computers both with internet facility are available in the department.
  7. Online reporting through HIMS available for clinical pathology, cytology and histopathology.


The department provides teaching along with research. At any given time, Four M.D postgraduates, 3 batches of medical students, 2 batches of dental students and paramedical students belonging to Nursing, BSc MLT, DMLT.

The Clinical pathology wing in the hospital as a part of the Central labs, functions 24 hours a day, all through the year with a Coordinated functioning of faculty, technical and other staff; catering to a work load of 700 samples of hematology, 20 samples of histopathology, 15 samples of FNAC & Cytology each on average every day, in addition to a number of other less common tests. Cell counter & facilities for bone marrow aspiration, biopsy & frozen section are provided in the lab. One of the notable features of this clinical laboratory is the internal quality control is carried out daily lab is enrolled with external quality assessment programs from BIORAD and AIIMS to maintain a very high laboratory standard to offer better patient care. In addition to the above, nineteen Immuno histochemistry markers are carried out for proper treatment and assessment of prognosis in various malignancies. We are proud to say that clinical pathology lab is NABL accrediated since 2014.

A licensed Blood bank, under the control of Superintendent of NRIGH is headed by a Professor of Pathology, will have about 200 units of stored blood at any given day with an average consumption of 20 units/day and also specific components separated with the equipment available in the blood bank.


The faculty of Pathology in addition to regular teaching and guiding the postgraduates, attended many conferences at regional, state, national and international level and presented papers and chaired many sessions in them. There are 12 papers published in various reputed journals presented by the department faculty in these 10 years of tenure.

  1. A rare case of cellular schwannoma in the pharynx. Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology 2007;50(4):835-837
  2. A case of post- hysterectomy ectopic tubal pregnancy Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology 2007;50(3):558-559
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CME conducted :

  1. The department has conducted one day Mid term CME, IAPM, AP state chapter on - Renal pathology - on 16-03-14.
  2. The department of pathology has also conducted two Dr. NTR UHS Zonal CME programmes Gastrointestinal pathology conducted on 29-05-2011
  3. Dermatopathology Conducted on 2-2-2014