College Campus :

NRI college of Physiotherapy is situated in the campus of NRI medical college with spacious class rooms with dedicated LCD projectors in every class room. Boys & Girls have separate dining halls for having lunch & storage racks. Students are provided with individual comfortable desk chairs.

Lecture Galleries :

Common lecture galleries are available in each floor with Air conditioned facility with a capacity of 250 members for conducting guest lectures.

Labs :

Laboratories give students the opportunity for practical experience & improving their learning skills faster. We have exclusive Anatomy, Physiology, exercise therapy & electro therapy labs. Our labs can accommodate over 100 students & have surplus of practical equipment enabling every student to practice in hassle free environment.

Hostel :

We have Boys & Girls Hostels spread over 2 separate blocks. The residential blocks of the hostel have water coolers with RO systems. For security purposes, the boundaries and entrance to the hostel are under CCTV surveillance & biometric access, in addition to being manned by Hostel wardens, a male security guard at the entrance and night guards. The residents are provided with mess facility provides clean and nutritious food to students according to a pre-decided menu. The dining hall of the mess is equipped with water cooler and fly/insect killers. In addition, there is a separate canteen which offers a variety of snacks, beverages, fast food, etc. The hostel common room provides residents with entertainment options like television, newspapers, magazines and some indoor games. A separate reading room is also available to the residents for studying.

The hostel has a well furnished guest room for its visitors. For its administrative work, the hostel has an office staff including an Assistant Warden and Warden who are available 24 hrs if need arises.

Efforts are made to provide a conducive environment for academic pursuits of its residents. Living in the hostel entails moral responsibility on the part of its residents to maintain decorum and to observe the hostel rules. The university authorities may ask any resident to leave the hostel at any time if they are not satisfied with his/ her conduct, health or if the resident is not observing the hostel rules

Sports & Cultural Activities :

Boasting plentiful sports & cultural activities, NRI offers amicable study & leisure environment. On campus students can utilize first class sports facilities with dedicated Badminton, Basketball, futball courts’ & cricket nets for practice. Sports events & competitions are conducted every academic year to ameliorate students’ wellness & participation in the sport which will help them understand the bio-mechanics of a sport.

Cultural events are conducted every year to enhance the social participation of the students & to bring out the extracurricular talent in them. We also encourage our students to participate in different sports & cultural events organized by other institutions helping them interact with wide population.